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What is Keeps?

Keeps is a innovative content management system for hotels that helps them to manage and distribute their content from a single place to all of it´s sales channels like booking,com, Expedia, TripAdvisor and other travel agencies.

  • All your content stored in a single place

  • Distribution to sales channels

  • Social media connection

  • Third party access to add photos or get photos from your photo library


Save 90% of your time by using Keeps to distribute photos to your sales channels instead of doing it manually


Saves at least $245 each month in labour cost, as you don't need the same hours to maintain the content on all channels as you did before


12% or more increase in sales. With consistant and up to date content you will become more visible then before

It's very important for our brand to have the newest and most up to date content displayed on all channels and that is what Keeps enables us to with their user friendly system. Before it took us hours to update the content, but now only few minutes. "

Sigridur Stefansdottir,  Centerhotels 


+354 6975340

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