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The Origin Tale of Keeps: Unveiling the Journey Behind Its Creation

Officially established in 2023, the inception of Keeps dates back to 2021 when one of our founders, Guðrún, encountered persistent challenges in photo management and distribution while working in the travel industry at Hertz, Expedia, and Guide to Iceland. Recognizing the industry's struggle with limited time for operational tasks, particularly in enhancing visibility through photos, Guðrún joined forces with Nina, leveraging her expertise in marketing and content creation.

In August 2022, we took a significant step by applying for the Startup Supernova accelerator in Reykjavik, Iceland. Selected among nine other teams, the accelerator provided us with the tools, contacts, and momentum needed to bring Keeps to life. Today, Keeps stands as a tailored content management system for the travel industry, streamlining the process of updating photos and content across all sales channels within seconds.

Driven by our commitment to delivering user-friendly and excellent software, Keeps focuses on providing a swift and easy solution with connections to major sales channels and travel agencies. We take pride in every customer who chooses Keeps, as it fuels our dedication to offering the best solution. Experience the efficiency of Keeps for yourself—reach out to us and discover how it can elevate visibility and sales for your accommodation.

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