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A short story about how Keeps came to be


We officially founded Keeps in 2023 but started to work on the idea back in 2021. The idea came about as one of our founders, Guðrún, had been working in travel for the past years at Hertz, Expedia, Guide to Iceland and the same problem kept coming up and that was photo management and distribution. Travel companies have such a limited time for operational tasks, that seeking ways to improve their visibility with photos has been the last task on the list. The problem is on one hand, that photos are often not stored in a organized way and on the other hand they are not being updated regularly on the sales channels, leading to lost opportunities in sales. After pinpointing the pain points, Gudrun teamed up with Nina for her excellence in marketing and content creation. And in august 2022 we applied for accelerator called Startup Supernova, here in Reykjavik Iceland and we were offered a place amongst 9 other teams. The accelerator gave us the boost we needed, tools and contacts to make our product come to reality. And we are proud to have build Keeps, content management system tailored to the travel industry. Keeps enables you to update photos and your content to all of your sales channels within seconds instead of hours which leads to increase in the property's visibility and sales. 

At Keeps, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a user friendly and excellent software to help you gain more visibility and sales. We are proud every time a customer chooses to work with us and use Keeps, because it keeps us striving to offer the best solution. The focus has been offering a fast and easy software that offers connections to the biggest sales channels and travel agencies out there. 
Get in touch with us to learn more about what Keeps can do for your accomodation.

Meet the Team

Committed to excellence

It's very important for our brand to have the newest and most up to date content displayed on all channels and that is what Keeps enables us to with their user friendly system. Before it took us hours to update the content, but now only few minutes. "

Sigridur Stefansdottir,  Centerhotels 

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